Saturday, June 19, 2010

Awesome Giveaways!!

Ok have to tell you about these! I will post some cute pictures of new stuff I have tomorrow :) Hopefully lol But for today! Still have a bit of time to try to get in on a drawing for free white pom pom blanket from little ole me! It's a super soft fuzzy white one good for any occasion! Just check out Then the giveaway for the next 24 hours is one of those awesome backdrop/floors that you have been seeing everywhere! I do believe I want one too! Anyway go check them out!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Special Surprise!!!!!

So it looks like today I am going to hit 1000 sales!!!! Thanks to all of you who have made this happen! I opened just under a year ago on June 8 so I did it in just under a year! So to whoever makes the 1000th - special surprise for you!!

So here are a few pieces that I have added recently. This is the Latte Hammock which as you can see is big enough for even two! But the size is good for just one too and can handle a bit bigger baby too.

I've been busy trying to keep up and have so many new ideas floating around my head that I need to get made so keep watch! More pom pom blanket colors have been made. I made a fluffy white one which is going to be offered as a giveaway in Breakfast Club Photography Magazine and I just made a deep purple one and then I also have added this super sweet one that reminds me of ice cream!

I've been trying to keep my facebook page updated and hang out there out too. So if you haven't already join me there too!

There are just so many things to keep updated I don't have time to create! But it's so fun to see my creations "in action"!! So feel free to post pictures etc!

Happy Thursday!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Button Hat GiveAway

I come in contact with a lot of amazing photographers but not too long ago had the pleasure of selling some stuff to Sara from Sara Seeton Photography. She has done some amazing work and has taken the cutest picture of my button hat in a new color - green. She is doing a giveaway so go check out her blog for details and be inspired.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Multi Pom Goes to New York

Big News! One of my pom pom blankets is about to get it's big break in the movie business. Today was it's first day on the set of the new feature film "The Smurfs" which is now filming in New York. It had a seriously fast creation and trip out there so I hope it is ready and performs well. I have started calling her Multi Pom - ya know - kinda of like Posh Spice or something like that - but think she could still use a better name. So please add your name ideas in the comment section below lol. I think the Multi name could be a dud pretty soon - or at least as soon as I make another blanket with more than one color in it. So...let's hear any other good ideas for her stage name. So one would think that in a smurf movie one would have wanted Blue Pom lol. So I guess this movie has real people in it...I hope they aren't all blue. I believe I read that Neil Patrick Harris is in it (you know - Doogie Howser - I'm sure he loves being called Doogie still), the red haired germaphobe lady from Glee, and George Lopez? and I'm not recalling anybody else at this point in time. I guess it doesn't come out til August or something so we have a few months to sit and wonder if Multi Pom made the cut or ended up on the floor lol. Then we can have a big viewing of the movie and spend the whole time looking for the milisecond glimpse of my blanket lol. As you can see by the lovely new picture I did get Nekane from a lovely pom blanket to go in that sweet stroller and look - a few days later - famous. LOL

Well. I have so so much knitting to do I best do it or I will have unhappy photographers out there and we can't have that.

Break a leg!


Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hey! I know! Two in one week! One of my wonderful customers has an awesome blog and is doing a review and give-away! Go check it out! Awesome blog.

Hope you all have a great Easter and remember why we celebrate!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oops! I did it again. I ignored the blogosphere.

So......once again I start with an apology. I'm sorry. I've been busy - not that I think you have been sitting around waiting for my next post. If so...let me know and I will teach you how to knit so you can help me out so I can have more time to blog. Anyway! I will provide lots of cute pictures so you can see I have been busy or you can just check out the store and you will see I have been busy!

This picture has to be one of my all time favorites. How adorable. Nekane from Giggles and Grins Photography has been taking some great shots and seems to know some of the cutest kids! I love this one. Although I think she needs a chocolate brown pom pom blanket in that stroller. I will have to work on that :) Here is another adorable picture from Nekane. This is one of my biggest sellers thanks to this super cute baby. I can't seem to keep enough of these buttons around or these hats in stock.

This one is a green earflap and diaper cover. I sell them as a set and the flower is on a clip so that you can take it off and you the same set for a boy. It would look cute with other color flowers too but it's a cute set that can be gender neutral. I am the queen of cheap so I'm always trying to think of ways you can use the products in more than one way.

I love this little taupe bonnet set. I love the whole vintage look to it. It's tied with a light pink ribbon and I put ribbon strings on the diaper cover to match the bonnet. On this set too...the usual ties that come on the diaper cover can just be tucked into the cover and just substitute the ribbon on for a girl. There is also a matching Little Man Hat with button made in the same taupe color so you could have 2 hats and one diaper cover that could be used for both boys and girls.

One of my current customers - Kimmy Howard from Kimmy Howard Photography - had a baby not too long ago so I got him to do some modeling for me! That was sure nice for me and Kimmy said she had a good time having daily photo shoots! So here is another cocoon that is new for spring. It comes with a brown satin bow but could easily have a cream or white one or none at all. I can also make it in other colors. Doesn't he look so sweet?

Well...I have to knit. I have the best job in the world. Drink coffee, watch movies and knit. You're jealous aren't you?


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I LOVE this color this spring!

Ok....I guess this is totally my new favorite color this spring. At least this month. Everything goes with this. Who knew?

These cute kids sure make all the things cuter don't they? This is the hat and diaper set that I posted not too long ago. It also looks great with brown ribbon, cream ribbon, purple ribbon, green ribbon, pink ribbon, and I'm sure a few others.

Let's see...I have a few more things I added.......a multi-colored pom pom blanket! More to come but here is the first one of those. This one kind of has that granny look to it lol except with a new color palette.
Here you will see that Miss Millie can rock that look.

I've got some more new stuff out with some photographers so I am anxiously waiting for some new pictures! I will share those with you when I get them back! More soon! I've got some fun stuff running around my brain!

Friday, January 29, 2010

More new stuff and's Friday!

Here is another cute hat that is new and not yet posted! Yep - I do know the cutest kids! Look for this one to be added soon. Also added this cute cocoon set (which I was talking about yesterday but posted the wrong picture). I posted the picture for the diaper cover set instead so I'm pretty sure you are all smart enough to figure out the difference.

Ok for today's friday freebie we have some new friends joining us from Simple and have some added incentives. If you make a purchase today or tomorrow in the message to seller write SIMPLEFREE - I will refund your shipping costs AND I will enter you twice in the drawing PLUS every time you tweet, comment, become a fan and follow the blog. Today I will let you pick the style of hat you would like!

Ok! Have a happy Friday!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who else has too many things to do?

Yep. I figured all of you did too. So I'm going with the hope that you haven't missed my lack of blogging that much. I know I can be incredibly entertaining but must have something.....if not come over here and I will probably have you make some pom poms while you are sitting here.

So things that have happened - my lovely daughter turned 17!!!! I know I can't believe she's that old or that I'm that old. I sure thought I would be alot more mature by then lol. She is a great kid and so much fun to have around. She is hilarious ( like me of course :) ) and I can't believe she will only be here another year. But.........I won't get all gushy on ya just yet.

Sooo....I've been trying to catch up on stuff and get a few new things made. Here are a few things I just added today.

So a new cocoon set and a couple new baby bowls. I always feel so ackward when people ask me what something is - the non-photographer people I know - because it sounds fairly stupid when you say outloud "it's a baby bowl pod type thing......" "it's a baby cocoon" "it's a sling that you hang a baby in for pictures" most of these sentences usually end with....photographers use them and then the non-photographers just kind of nod at me. I usually just leave it at that. I have never been known for the normal things that I do.

I will be back tomorrow because there is a special friday deal going on for my new friends from Simple and of course it's once again Freebie Friday!

Friday, January 15, 2010

keep it Simple....

Hey all! Yeah so I had a few good days last week where I actually got some blogging done. Not so much this week it looks like. Sorry. I'm sure you are all sitting and waiting and waiting for me to make another post.....if need to learn how to knit so you can come help me out so I have time to post another blog. Anyways....

Today I am featured on a blog called we keep it Simple. Sounds right up my alley. They did a review on my turquoise jester hat! Check it out here! They do reviews on all kinds of cool stuff. So go check it out and make some noise!

Guess what? What you say? Yes - It is Freebie Friday also. I have been so crazy busy this week I haven't even picked out a freebie hat - so I'm up for suggestions. Tell me what hat should be up this week lol. Extra credit points for suggestions! Remember if you make a purchase today to add Freebie friday to the msg to seller and today since I am half asleep and feeling somewhat generous -I'm throwing in your name three times for a purchase. This give-a-way is different from the one on the simple site so have fun!

More fun stuff to come soon!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Freebie Friday!

It's baaaaacccck! !

Here is the hat up for grabs today! I love this one and I love the look on her face! If you want in on the drawing leave some feedback here, send me an email or write friday freebie in the msg to seller on a purchase!

Today I am also listing the NEW POM POM BLANKET!!! I will list the cream one today! Make sure you go check it out!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sneak Peek Pom Pom Blankets

Ok here is one of the sweetest pictures!!!! Featuring the adorable Millie and of course my new Pom Pom Blanket in pink! Shari left a comment and asked for some more pictures so here is another :)

I am hoping to have them listed soon but am willing to take pre-orders if you want. Right now the colors available are cream, pink, blue, green, plum and a multi. Want more pictures? Send me a note!

Still alive.........

Ok so first I will apologize for my falling off the face of the earth for a bit. The christmas rush was a tad bit bigger than I anticipated. I am now pretty used to staying up til 2 and not being able to feel my fingers for a good portion of my day lol. So on to the new exciting things going on!!

Lots of new things are coming out soon!!!! I've got a new pom pom blanket line about ready to make its debut! I love them! So I hope you do too! Gretchen Ennis - who also used to live in Worthington MN - lives not to far from me so I bombarded her with new things to take some new pictures for me so there will be lots of new fun things showing up soon! How cute is her baby???
What an amazing model! This picture makes me smile every time I see it!

The pom pom blankets are round with big pom poms that hang off the edge - they looks super cute in a bucket or basket or whatever you else you to contain that cute baby! here are a few sneak peeks.

Leave me some comments and let me know what you think! More to come!