Saturday, October 31, 2009

And the winner is...............

Kimmy Howard from !! Kimmy is now the proud owner of the new "Nicolas" hat. I will be listing this hat in the next few days. This hat was named after one of my customers sons that it was made for because it is just too cute! Kimmy sent me some cute pictures yesterday too of one of my cocoons that she had purchased earlier. I got a lot of new pictures yesterday so check some of them out. There are some awesome ones of the sling! Makes me laugh lol Oh...the things we do to our children! But...we have to do it when they are little because they won't let us when they are bigger! More new items are on the way soon so keep checking back!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Photogapher Freebie! today is the start of my new Friday Photographer Freebie. This adorable new hat is the freebie today. So here is how I am going to work this today -
~Become a follower on my blog
~Become a follower on twitter (oopsiknitit)
~Make any $ amount purchase today
To get the free hat - you have til 9 am (CST) Saturday to make a purchase and in the message to seller put Friday Freebie. I will then pick a winner from those!'s your chances since this is the first one - you have much better odds! Custom orders (at least for now) will also be included in this. So pass this along to your friends and let's have some fun! I will let you know the proud owner tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a Small Small World............. first I must apologize for my lack of communication. It's been a wild couple weeks but I am home now and now longer "borrowing" wireless internet from my sister's neighbors! Thanks Davis's! No idea who you are but your wi-fi saved me the last few weeks! Ok....ready for the story?

My sister had to have open heart surgery on the 16th I think it was. We didn't find this out til the evening of the 14th. sis lives like 16 hours from me. So I literally threw all my stuff in the car and left. I had no idea how long I was going to be there so I pretty much had to pack up all the stuff I already have made and lots and lots of yarn. (Yarn is light but it does take up a lot of room.) I met up with my mom and dad so we could go down to Wichita KS (where my sis lives) together. (I had my mom knitting in the car for me too lol). I promise this story does have a point..... The surgery went very well and when when she was in ICU she had a great nurse named Sarah. During all the time one spends waiting in the hospital.....I was continually knitting....and leaving a yarn trail....just in case I got lost. Some how Sarah and I got to talking about what I was making and she told me her mom sells on Etsy! Most random people I run into don't even know what etsy is much less know someone who sells on it! Sometimes it is just so amazing how small our worlds can be sometimes. It's awesome. Her mom makes porcelain buttons! They are so amazing! I can't even fathom how one would do this...but you should check out her store. It's called

I've been working on some new stuff and have some sent off to a photographer and am not so patiently waiting for pictures! I can't wait to see them! I am thinking about selecting photographers off my blog followers and customers to send free stuff too every now and then when I get a new item that I need some new pictures of so join up and I will pick on Friday who gets the free hat! So spread the word and leave me some comments so I know someone is actually listen to me ramble on :)

Tomorrow I will post a sneak peak at the hat that I will give away free this friday. .....I know....I know....the anticipation is killing ya.....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Football, Collarbones, and Snow

Well since I have last been here craziness has once again hit at our house. My 14 year old son LOVES to play football so this year was super excited to start high school and his first year of high school football! He spent 2 months this summer at my brothers house in New Mexico working on the ranch and came home the beginning of August reading to start football in 2 weeks. He came home friday night and on sunday afternoon he and his dad were wresting around in the living room and I heard a loud crack. Yep. Collarbone. Not exactly sure who felt worse at this point - Dad or Son. So after a trip to the emergency room, some x-rays and some pain pills we were back home. My brother and his wife had flown back home with Cody so they were waiting when we came home and then all the stories of all the dangerous things that they had done all summer started pouring out. Stories that they had probably thought they weren't going to share with me. So after outrunning a tornado, shooting a rattlesnake, chasing a wild bull, going on a 14 mile cattle drive, flying across on the range on horseback and who knows what else.....Cody came home and broke his collarbone on the living room carpet. foward 8 weeks. Still a few weeks left in the season and he was cleared by the doctor to play again. He had been faithfully going to practice and doing everything that he could without hurting himself. He played 3 games and last thursday night he got sandwiched good and hard and I saw him still on the field after the players dispersed and I immediately started packing up the camera. Yep. He broke his collarbone again. So.......the friendly black sling is back and the poor kid is not only out of football but probably no hunting this fall either. But on the good side......they had a game the other night (that I didn't go to because my kid wasn't playing ) and I didn't have to sit in the snow!!!!

So enough about football. I have been knitting and knitting and knitting. My computer is having an attitude problem at the moment so as soon as I can adjust that I will post some pics of some new stuff hopefully!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Violet's New Hat

Well last I was here I was telling you about the fun we were having trading stuff. Here is my friend Amy's little girl Violet with a hat on I made for her! Don't you just wish we could wear stuff like that and actually look cute? I'm pretty sure my kids would die if I wore a hat like that lol. The colors are super cute on her with her red hair. Amy has a cool etsy store with some sweet jewelry that she makes from beach glass that she finds. Yes. I said that she finds. Amy lives in Maine so she that kind of stuff on her beach I guess. I live by lots of water - there are 1000 lakes just in our county..but I'm pretty sure there isn't any beach glass anywhere. I can think of many other things that we could probably find but I hate to go there. So........go check out Amy's store and see the fun stuff that she makes!
I have to go knit now. I have tons of ideas floating around this head of mine. So check back soon. You never know what you will find! I did buy something the other day that my dear husband did say..."what is that for?" and was for a baby sling. I know I know...the suspense....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Trade and Stay

The last few days on Etsy there has been what we call a Trade and Stay. It is done with sellers on etsy. It starts with a list of like 10 and if you make a trade with one of them your name gets added to the list so then the list just keeps getting longer and's fun and a great way to get some great stuff you maybe wouldn't buy for yourself. Here are a few or my favorite trades that I made. These sweet green earrings from a shop called and the cool plum necklace from

These are both great little shops you should check out if you are ever hanging around needing something to do! Well...since we had the big trade thing....I need to knit...need to replenish the stock!