Friday, November 20, 2009

Freebie Friday has arrived............

OK goal is to actually blog a little more than just on friday's but time gets away from me. I'm really confused this week too because the kids didn't have school yesterday or today but is my hat for freebie friday this week. I do like this hat....but I totally LOVE this picture lol.
This is my little model that so graciously lets me snap a hundred pictures when I get a new pile of hats made. This is the only time I have ever gotten this face. I know. Priceless. Christmas card potential here. Her mom is go great letting me take shots whenever I need then mom models for me too. Can't really get a better deal than that. Thanks guys! in the next two days and put freebie friday in the msg and you might just get this free hat :) We've had a few happy people get their hats already! I'm feeling a bunch of new ideas coming on........

Friday, November 13, 2009

Freebie Friday!

Ok! Can't believe it's Friday again! So up for grabs today is this cute little grape hat. I love this one. It's made with super chunky purple yarn and trimmed with green. It will come to you in newborn size unless you request otherwise. So...once again to participate all you need to do is make a purchase in the next two days so....before sunday.....and put in the msg to seller part friday freebie and this too could be yours for free! I will do a drawing on sunday and see who is the lucky winner :) So sign up to follow me and pass the word. Let me know what some of your favorite items are!

I do have a few new things I will be adding soon if I can find the time! This hat isn't listed yet either. I think the Friday Freebie is where some of my new stuff will make there debut so let me know which are your favorites!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Instead of Hunting..........

So for the last two years instead of sticking around town for the influx of hunters Caitlin and I have headed off to Minneapolis for a few days of shopping and for two years now...a Starfield Concert. They are one of our fav's. They don't get to Minnesota too often so we are always excited when they do and when they plan it over hunting opener it's even better lol. Here are a few of the cool pics Caitlin took at the concert. This is a sweet one. The zoom lens (aka the "creeper lense") came in pretty handy even though we had a pretty good spot.

If you ever get a chance to see them - do it.
Hope to see ya next hunting opener!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Freebie Friday has arrived............

Ok! Hard to believe it is Friday again! I have been knitting my arms off this week. Thanks!!

So this is the hat that is up for the freebie this week! This cute little peppermint candy one. Last week I said you needed to follow me on twitter....well....I am taking off those conditions lol. I can't find enough time myself to keep up with all these social networking things we are suppose to be doing so I'm surely not going to impose another one on you! So to play this week.....if you haven't become a totally need to do that right away!! :) Follow me on this lovely blog. Find 500-600 of your closest friends to do the same lol . Any purchases made today and all day saturday will be eligible to win this cute this hat (in the size of your choice). Just put friday freebie in the comments to the seller. If you get a ton of your photographer friends to sign up I will do something special for you too! I am off to Minneapolis for a couple days as the hunters are about to invade my homeland! Happy weekend!

Monday, November 2, 2009

200th Sale

So this morning I was just drinking some coffee and trying to get my day organized and was trying to figure out what I all needed to make today when I was looking at the numbers I've had 197 sales so far. I have been open 4 months! I was hoping today maybe I could hit that magic 200 and did so around 1! My kids some day will have to take back all that harrassing they did of me when I was "obsessively knitting baby hats" and the imitations they do of me knitting! Well...yeah ok so they probably won't take it back and the imitations are pretty funny. If you don't know my children. I have a 14 year old son and a 16 year old daughter. They are both hilarious and a ton of fun. Here is there first day of school picture this year. My son's name is not really condorf as it says on the picture. That is just what his sister decides to call him every now and then. Well....I best get back to knitting I have lots to make today and things are about to get crazy around here! Have a great Monday!