Friday, April 16, 2010

Multi Pom Goes to New York

Big News! One of my pom pom blankets is about to get it's big break in the movie business. Today was it's first day on the set of the new feature film "The Smurfs" which is now filming in New York. It had a seriously fast creation and trip out there so I hope it is ready and performs well. I have started calling her Multi Pom - ya know - kinda of like Posh Spice or something like that - but think she could still use a better name. So please add your name ideas in the comment section below lol. I think the Multi name could be a dud pretty soon - or at least as soon as I make another blanket with more than one color in it. So...let's hear any other good ideas for her stage name. So one would think that in a smurf movie one would have wanted Blue Pom lol. So I guess this movie has real people in it...I hope they aren't all blue. I believe I read that Neil Patrick Harris is in it (you know - Doogie Howser - I'm sure he loves being called Doogie still), the red haired germaphobe lady from Glee, and George Lopez? and I'm not recalling anybody else at this point in time. I guess it doesn't come out til August or something so we have a few months to sit and wonder if Multi Pom made the cut or ended up on the floor lol. Then we can have a big viewing of the movie and spend the whole time looking for the milisecond glimpse of my blanket lol. As you can see by the lovely new picture I did get Nekane from a lovely pom blanket to go in that sweet stroller and look - a few days later - famous. LOL

Well. I have so so much knitting to do I best do it or I will have unhappy photographers out there and we can't have that.

Break a leg!


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