Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who else has too many things to do?

Yep. I figured all of you did too. So I'm going with the hope that you haven't missed my lack of blogging that much. I know I can be incredibly entertaining but must have something.....if not come over here and I will probably have you make some pom poms while you are sitting here.

So things that have happened - my lovely daughter turned 17!!!! I know I can't believe she's that old or that I'm that old. I sure thought I would be alot more mature by then lol. She is a great kid and so much fun to have around. She is hilarious ( like me of course :) ) and I can't believe she will only be here another year. But.........I won't get all gushy on ya just yet.

Sooo....I've been trying to catch up on stuff and get a few new things made. Here are a few things I just added today.

So a new cocoon set and a couple new baby bowls. I always feel so ackward when people ask me what something is - the non-photographer people I know - because it sounds fairly stupid when you say outloud "it's a baby bowl pod type thing......" "it's a baby cocoon" "it's a sling that you hang a baby in for pictures" most of these sentences usually end with....photographers use them and then the non-photographers just kind of nod at me. I usually just leave it at that. I have never been known for the normal things that I do.

I will be back tomorrow because there is a special friday deal going on for my new friends from Simple and of course it's once again Freebie Friday!

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  1. ooOOh! I love the aqua and brown set.

    You are amazing with you talents!