Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oops! I did it again. I ignored the blogosphere.

So......once again I start with an apology. I'm sorry. I've been busy - not that I think you have been sitting around waiting for my next post. If so...let me know and I will teach you how to knit so you can help me out so I can have more time to blog. Anyway! I will provide lots of cute pictures so you can see I have been busy or you can just check out the store and you will see I have been busy!

This picture has to be one of my all time favorites. How adorable. Nekane from Giggles and Grins Photography has been taking some great shots and seems to know some of the cutest kids! I love this one. Although I think she needs a chocolate brown pom pom blanket in that stroller. I will have to work on that :) Here is another adorable picture from Nekane. This is one of my biggest sellers thanks to this super cute baby. I can't seem to keep enough of these buttons around or these hats in stock.

This one is a green earflap and diaper cover. I sell them as a set and the flower is on a clip so that you can take it off and you the same set for a boy. It would look cute with other color flowers too but it's a cute set that can be gender neutral. I am the queen of cheap so I'm always trying to think of ways you can use the products in more than one way.

I love this little taupe bonnet set. I love the whole vintage look to it. It's tied with a light pink ribbon and I put ribbon strings on the diaper cover to match the bonnet. On this set too...the usual ties that come on the diaper cover can just be tucked into the cover and just substitute the ribbon on for a girl. There is also a matching Little Man Hat with button made in the same taupe color so you could have 2 hats and one diaper cover that could be used for both boys and girls.

One of my current customers - Kimmy Howard from Kimmy Howard Photography - had a baby not too long ago so I got him to do some modeling for me! That was sure nice for me and Kimmy said she had a good time having daily photo shoots! So here is another cocoon that is new for spring. It comes with a brown satin bow but could easily have a cream or white one or none at all. I can also make it in other colors. Doesn't he look so sweet?

Well...I have to knit. I have the best job in the world. Drink coffee, watch movies and knit. You're jealous aren't you?



  1. Wow! Love these photos! That little cocoon with the chocolate brown ribbon is to die for.

    Keep those needles knitting!

    Rock on sista love!

  2. That blue hat really is the cutest hat I've seen for little boys ever!