Thursday, May 27, 2010

Special Surprise!!!!!

So it looks like today I am going to hit 1000 sales!!!! Thanks to all of you who have made this happen! I opened just under a year ago on June 8 so I did it in just under a year! So to whoever makes the 1000th - special surprise for you!!

So here are a few pieces that I have added recently. This is the Latte Hammock which as you can see is big enough for even two! But the size is good for just one too and can handle a bit bigger baby too.

I've been busy trying to keep up and have so many new ideas floating around my head that I need to get made so keep watch! More pom pom blanket colors have been made. I made a fluffy white one which is going to be offered as a giveaway in Breakfast Club Photography Magazine and I just made a deep purple one and then I also have added this super sweet one that reminds me of ice cream!

I've been trying to keep my facebook page updated and hang out there out too. So if you haven't already join me there too!

There are just so many things to keep updated I don't have time to create! But it's so fun to see my creations "in action"!! So feel free to post pictures etc!

Happy Thursday!!!

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