Friday, October 9, 2009

Violet's New Hat

Well last I was here I was telling you about the fun we were having trading stuff. Here is my friend Amy's little girl Violet with a hat on I made for her! Don't you just wish we could wear stuff like that and actually look cute? I'm pretty sure my kids would die if I wore a hat like that lol. The colors are super cute on her with her red hair. Amy has a cool etsy store with some sweet jewelry that she makes from beach glass that she finds. Yes. I said that she finds. Amy lives in Maine so she that kind of stuff on her beach I guess. I live by lots of water - there are 1000 lakes just in our county..but I'm pretty sure there isn't any beach glass anywhere. I can think of many other things that we could probably find but I hate to go there. So........go check out Amy's store and see the fun stuff that she makes!
I have to go knit now. I have tons of ideas floating around this head of mine. So check back soon. You never know what you will find! I did buy something the other day that my dear husband did say..."what is that for?" and was for a baby sling. I know I know...the suspense....

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