Friday, November 6, 2009

Freebie Friday has arrived............

Ok! Hard to believe it is Friday again! I have been knitting my arms off this week. Thanks!!

So this is the hat that is up for the freebie this week! This cute little peppermint candy one. Last week I said you needed to follow me on twitter....well....I am taking off those conditions lol. I can't find enough time myself to keep up with all these social networking things we are suppose to be doing so I'm surely not going to impose another one on you! So to play this week.....if you haven't become a totally need to do that right away!! :) Follow me on this lovely blog. Find 500-600 of your closest friends to do the same lol . Any purchases made today and all day saturday will be eligible to win this cute this hat (in the size of your choice). Just put friday freebie in the comments to the seller. If you get a ton of your photographer friends to sign up I will do something special for you too! I am off to Minneapolis for a couple days as the hunters are about to invade my homeland! Happy weekend!

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