Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have just posted my blog address on my Facebook page so I now have to update it for fear people will come and read it lol. But since I finally did check my facebook page I was also happy to see that some great friends of ours had their twins yesterday!!! I am so excited for them and so tired for them already! They have a little girl already and now they have two little boys. I have made two hats already that their mom will like and I am in the process of making two hats that their dad will like (and mom will tolerate :)) I will post pictures of these later when I get them done!

In other news.....I have placed a small ad in a new photography magazine called Breakfast Club Photography. This next issue they have coming out is all about baby and kids photography so we worked up a little ad and thanks to Anna at Rickers in Worthington we got some really cute pictures of some new Christmas items that I will be selling. Here is a peek.

Well I have lots of yarn that is calling my name so keep checking in. You never know what is going to happen here lol.


  1. Super cute pics! I love the stocking you made!

  2. Thanks! I just love that picture! How peaceful children are when they are sleeping!!!