Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here we Go................

So I have finally decided to join the cool kids and make my own blog. Hopefully you will enjoy my incredibly deep, sometimes odd, and often sarcastic commentary on things.

I suppose some of you may be wondering what possessed me to open a knitting shop on etsy? maybe none of you are....but I think maybe it all started with this

I made this cupcake hat for a friends daughter. It's hilarious. She loved it. Just kidding. As you can see from the pictures.

Who wouldn't be inspired to continue to bring such joy to children everywhere? After my successful cupcake hat the knitting obsession continued until I had way to many baby hats and well...I have no babies. My kids are 14 and 16. So hey....if you can't stop knitting..there is always etsy.

I've met lots of cool people on etsy and have had fun making custom items for photographers all over the United States. I will continue to update you on not only what I have been doing....but other cool things I find on etsy, and who knows what else :)

More later!!

Knit on.


  1. I should really share an updated picture that shows Sofie's LOVE for this hat! Considering the cold temps, she got to wear it tonight and asked, "Me cute?" Your work does amazing thing--bring smiles, joy, creative photography, warmth, and vanity to young children. ;)

  2. She is cute even with that "I don't even see you" face that she wears quite often! I'm glad she came around and decided to like it!